Ride the Galloping Goose to the Telluride Historical Museum

Ride the Galloping Goose to the Telluride Historical Museum

Ridgeway RR Museum The incline leading to the Telluride Historical Museum can be an intimidating haul, and not just for visitors from sea-level. Often, the museum located at the top of Fir St., is out of sight, out of mind.

But no longer!

Effective immediately, Galloping Goose buses, Telluride's free public transportation, will detour their route to choo-choo guests to the hospital turned museum upon request.

RGS #1 "We're looking forward to hearing the distinct sound of the first bus transporting guests to the museum," says a museum staffer.

In fact, the museum is offering free admission and a door prize to the first group to take the Goose up on the detour!

The detours make perfect sense when you consider the Galloping Goose fleet is named after the railway "motors" (half truck, half train) that historically delivered passengers to and from Telluride back when the museum was still in the business of delivering babies.

All aboard! Next stop, the Telluride Historical Museum!

Replica of Motor #1 by Ridgway Railroad Museum, Clint Viebrock photos

Museum Hours:
Tues-Sat: 11-5p.m.
Extended hours until 7p.m.
each Thursday (Local's Day!

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