Cool Sculpt Artists Hit The Snow

(Above is video coverage of the 2010 Cool Sculpt event in Mountain Village.)

Somewhere between casting a bronze figure and patting together a snowman lies a medium that offers the best of both worlds: snow sculpting is a creative, yet ephemeral tool for expression. The artists that participate in this weekend’s Cool Sculpt contest in Mountain Village will spend days shaping their vision out of an 8'x8'x8' block of snow, only to let it melt away when temperatures creep upward.

It’s a pure, beautiful sight to behold once the artists are done with their work. Competitors are not allowed to use dye or any artifice to tweak their creations. This year, four artists will compete and their work will be judged by Ben Rand, the 2010 Gold Medalist at the Olympic Ice Art World Championships Vancouver, Canada.

Check out the 2011 Cool Sculpt finished products at the Mountain Village center on Monday—and bring your camera.

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