Berkowitz to teach at UCSM, starting 2/1/2011

Berkowitz to teach at UCSM, starting 2/1/2011

[click “Play”, Jim Berkowitz talks about his course]


JimBerkowitz For four weeks, starting Tuesday, February 1 – Tuesday, February 22, 6-8 p.m., computer lab, Wilkinson Public Library, Telluride local Jim Berkowitz is scheduled to teach for the University Centers of the San Miguel (UCSM).

Berkowitz’s course is an exploration of internet marketing and social media networking best practices and technology tools (software/web apps) for successfully building an organization’s web presence and a loyal customer/donor base, whether you are a for profit and non-profit business. The material covered includes: Web Site Design, Content & Collaboration, Internet Marketing, Social Media Networking, Managing a Customer/Donor Base.

Our Jim Berkowitz?

Until now, perhaps you have known Jim the way the six blind men knew the elephant. Depended upon which side you happened to approach.

A happy-go-lucky guy about town? Check.

A major presence on KOTO? Right again.

A major player on the board of Telluride Jazz Celebration? Sure enough.

But a little known fact about Jim Berkowitz is what the man does for living.

Jim Berkowitz is – get ready to be awed to the max – the CEO  of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Mastery, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping large (Fortune 500), as well as rapidly growing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) improve their ability to get, keep, and grow customers. He is also the publisher of of the CRM Mastery e-Journal (Weblog).

In addition to CRM best practices, marketplace and product expertise, Jim’s list of specialties includes change management, performance metrics optimization, strategic thinking, product and project management.

Want to learn more about the man you thought you knew and the course he is scheduled to teach, a sure-fire first big step into the 21st century? Click the “play” button and listen to Jim Berkowitz’s interview.

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