Travis Julia Productions announces "Wintervention," Opera House, 12/23

Travis Julia Productions announces "Wintervention," Opera House, 12/23

[click to hear Susan’s conversation with Hillaree & Brian O’Neill]


CRussell-4384 Telluride has lots of great people around town, but some, sadly are addicts. A number of them are addicted to a white substance. Its name is POW. I am talking, of course, about powder, as in snow. If you are one of them, listen up.

On December 23, Travis Julia Productions announces a showing of Warren Miller’s 61st film, “Winterventions.” The two screenings, sponsored by Jagged Edge and Bootdoctors, take place at the Sheridan Opera House @ 6 p.m. and @ 9 p.m.

Narrated by skiing icon Jonny Moseley, “Winterventions” features acute cases of classic snow-diction from across the globe. There are the skiers who sail from Argentina to Antarctica searching for some of the last untouched descents on Earth. There are the skiers and riders who venture deep into the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, chasing rumors they overheard in a language they don’t speak and there are the skiers who tour far into the northern reaches of the Arctic Circle where they won’t just climb peaks, they’ll get their powder fix at the top of the planet. Featuring everything from terrain parks and lift-accessed fresh to the most exotic settings imaginable, “Wintervention” is the definitive solution for the snow-obsessed.

Locals will be especially psyched to see “Wintervention.” It features the Telluride Ski Resort and several of our local skiing icons: Chason Russell, Galena Gleason, Hilaree and Brian O’Neill, all with cameos in the film.

Each of the locals is scheduled to be at each showing of the movie to speak about their experiences during the filming. For a preview, click the “play” button and listen to Hilaree and Brian O”Neill’s interview.

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