The New Sheridan: a postscript, the far side….

The New Sheridan: a postscript, the far side….

[click “Play” to hear Roger Mason on his long relationship with the New Sheridan Hotel]


Roger Mason painting

Long time passing, Telluride Inside… and Out talked about Roger Mason’s symbiotic relationship with The New Sheridan. It’s an old story by now about how the newly refurbished Victorian gem is the artist’s main muse in Telluride. But the new news is the fact Roger has slept with his model for a very long time. Or inside his model, as it were. (I am treading on dangerous metaphorical turf, so I will stop right now.)

The point is Roger Mason has been a frequent guest at The New Sheridan since 1979, when there was no new construction of any kind in Telluride and certainly not at the hotel, which had seen better days. Far better. When Roger first checked in at the cage the desk clerk sat behind, there was nothing new about The New Sheridan, by then a flophouse for miners and holdouts from the Sixties.

Roger has great stories from the 1990s, when he first met and fell head over heels for his (now remodeled) muse. And there are other tales from the decade. A number of which involve ghosts.

Click the “play” button if you want to hear more about things that go bump in the night at The New Sheridan. (And read the companion post to this story for a “straight” review of the hotel.)

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