Telluride Jagged Edge: "Promo weeks"

Telluride Jagged Edge: "Promo weeks"

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IMG_0988 Erik Dalton of Telluride’s Jagged Edge is among the tough ones who got going in response to economic doldrums, exercising a well-deserved reputation for being an innovative retailer, an asset any day of the week, but especially now. Case in point: “Promo Weeks.”

Erik hatched the idea for “Promo Weeks” initially as a way to motivate Jagged Edge employees, each of whom is responsible for several brands. Having his staff work directly and closely with the companies whose labels the store sells deepens their knowledge of every product on Jagged Edge’s shelves/racks. That knowledge then gets passed along to customers, with the added bonus of discount programs organized by those Jagged Edge employees for these special “Promo Weeks.”

Promo week1 Promotions vary from line to line, brand to brand, which keeps things hopping around the shop.

Informed purchases at special prices? Hard to beat.

Jagged Edge features 3 brands through the end of the year: Nikwax, Cloudveil, and Mountain Khakis.

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