Telluride Film Fest Cinematheque @ Library, 12/13

Telluride Film Fest Cinematheque @ Library, 12/13

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kicker: Scorsese series ends with satire

12-13 TFF Stalkers are unfunny. But a film about stalking? You decide.

The Telluride Film Festival and the five-star Wilkinson Public Library host the final installment in the four-part Martin Scorsese retrospective, brilliantly programmed to show the sweeping range of the pioneer filmmaker by Telluride Film Festival co-director Gary Meyer. The FREE Cinematheque film club is a vehicle for the cinephiles in the greater Telluride community to watch and discuss great film, not just during Festival weekend, but year-round.  Food and beverages with every screening. Popular Telluride Film Festival Ringmaster, producer/director/film professor David Oyster leads the discussion. The featured film is Scorsese’s dark yuck, “King of Comedy,” (1982, 109 minutes, Rated PG). The event takes place Monday, December 13, 5:30 p.m. for pre-SHOW get-together. (The first screening is @ 6 p.m.)

Robert de Niro stars as Rupert Pupin, a stage-door autograph hound and aspiring stand-up comedic of Herculean ambitions. It is arguably one of the most flamboyant performances of de Niro’s career. Jerry Lewis plays Jerry Langford, the star Rupert stalks, a late night talk show host who craves privacy. Rupert pursues Jerry with the mono-manical focus of a true psychotic. There’s a kidnapping. And more laughs.
But the laughter could turn in a blink into terror. How will it all work out?

The supporting cast  of “King of Comedy” includes Sandra Bernhard in her first film role, Liza Minnelli, Catherine Scorsese, Shelley Hack, Tony Randall, Victor Borge, and Dr. Joyce Brothers.

Also on the program is Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking “BAD”  (1987) video in its 17-minute entirety. Directed by Scorsese, the video’s choreography was strongly influenced by the “Cool” scene from “West Side Story.”

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to what David Oyster has to say.

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