Telluride (and World) Citizen Richard Holbrooke

Telluride (and World) Citizen Richard Holbrooke

The world claimed him, but Telluride loved him.

Tonight we learned of the death of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. Telluride, his nation, and the world have lost a friend and champion. The loss of Richard Holbrooke will be felt on the world stage, but in this small town, it is very personal. The Holbrooke family has had a Telluride connection for over 20 years. Richard's sons David and Anthony are members of the community in their own right: David as a filmmaker and current Festival Director of Mountainfilm in Telluride, and Anthony as an artist who shows his work in the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art and the Ah Haa School for the Arts.

Richard Holbrooke gave generously of himself, not only as a public servant with decades of service, but in Telluride as a friend and counselor.  David Holbrooke's position with Mountainfilm in Telluride has meant that Ambassador Holbrooke from time to time led Mountainfilm roundtable discussions on issues of global importance.

Susan Viebrock interviewed Richard Holbrooke in 2008. Two quotes from that interview stand out as reminders of how the man lived his life:

“Public service is the thread. I believe people who live in a community and love it – the world community, Telluride – should give something back. Locally, that’s why I serve on the Telluride Foundation.”

“Telluride is my sanctuary. Once I arrive in town, I am never in a car. I love the fact someone like me can walk down Main Street, run into people I know, and enjoy a casual conversation."

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family. This community and the  whole world will miss his wisdom and his guidance.



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