Rubadeau Featured At Double Book-signing At Between The Covers

[click “Play”, Susan has a chat with R.J. Rubadeau]


3 D Gatsby Cover small file BFRI Cover final March 10 6 X 9 On December 7, Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library hosted a reading of local author Bob Rubadeau’s latest mystery: Gatsby’s Last Resort: A Telluride Murder Mystery, released on December 1. Over the past week, the book has captured headlines and attention, with our town’s avid readers trying to guess who the local prototypes for the colorful characters really are.

Rubadeau’s award winning non-fiction book about his life as a world-class ocean racer and sailor was released on November 1 to raves. And in most places outside Telluride, Bound for Rocque Island: Sailing Maine and the World, is matching his novel’s sales book for book.

“’Bound For Roque Island: Sailing Maine and the World’ is high adventure and practical advice served family style. Rubadeau weaves together a first-hand account of the audacious egos, the behind-the-scenes high-jinks, and the cold wet terror of world-class open ocean racing in the golden days of amateur crews; alongside a life-long love affair with his family cruising on a vintage wooden boat plying the wild and fog-bound coasts of Maine. A mutinous but blood bound crew on a ‘Shanghai’ to remote Roque Island provides a pivotal personal journey for all aboard. It is a bumpy and hilarious voyage as our long time sailing mentor fetches up on the reefs of adulthood,” wrote Cruising World magazine.

On Saturday, December 18, Rubadeau is a guest of Between the Covers bookstore, now owned by Telluride local Daiva Chesonis. His reading/booksigning takes place at 6 p.m.

What better stocking-stuffer for Christmas presents than a couple of fun books by a local artist?

For more, click the “play” button and listen to Rubadeau’s talk.

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