Berrier Presents Holiday Comedy At Telluride's Opera House, 12/19-22

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Jeb & friend
Jeb & friend, KOTO LipSync

Even in a town as non-traditional as Telluride, there are still some sacred cows, rather hams. And turkeys. We are talking about Christmas dinner, with sides of cranberry sauce and mince meat pies. Except in Tuna, Texas, where tuna is “the feast of choice.”

Sunday, December 19 – Wednesday, December 22, Jeb Berrier and his Second Stage Productions – Berrier, Buff Hooper, Bubba Lee Schill, Kelsey Patterson – host an evening of holiday fun at the Sheridan Opera House with their adaptation of “A Tuna Christmas.”

“A Tuna Christmas” is the second in a series of satires on Southern life and attitudes set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas, “the third smallest town” in the state.

The plot of “A Tuna Christmas” centers around the town’s annual Christmas Yard Display, won 14 times in a row by one Vera Carp. But this year’s spectacular is threatened by a crappy economy and “Christmas Phantom” known for vandalizing yard bling. Subplots include The Smut Snatchers trying to have “Silent Night” banned on the grounds decent people don’t sing about “round, young virgins,” Stanley Bumiller’s attempts to blow his probation and high tail it out of Dodge, oops, Tuna, and his wife Bertha’s efforts to hold her family together for the holidays. Joe Bob Lipsey’s struggles to mount a production of “A Christmas Carol” are threatened by a Scrooge-ish electric company. Among Tuna’s eccentric locals: Aunt Pearl, who poisons poodles trespassing in her yard, Didi Snavely, who runs the used gun shop, her husband R.R., who sees UFOs as his escape from marriage.

Sounds like a stocking full of chuckles.

To learn more, listen to Jeb’s interview.

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