Telluride's Library Presents "Deep Down," 11/17

[click “Play” to hear Scott Doser talk about this new Community Cinema sreies]


11-17 Film Deep Down Telluride’s five-star Wilkinson Public Library has partnered with ITVS, co-presenter of the Emmy-winning Independent Lens PBS TV series, to present Community Cinema. The FREE monthly series begins Wednesday, November 17, 6 p.m. with “Deep Down,” a film by Jen Gilomen and Sally Rubin about a community battle over a proposed mountaintop removal coal mine.

Independent Lens is an indie film fest designed to be delivered into the comfort of your home via PBS. Films come in all flavors: feature-length documentaries, comic shorts, highly experimental. The thread that binds is the spirit that drives the filmmakers, relentless visionaries who tend to ignore conventional rules of the road in pursuit of stories about people not normally seen on TV and little-known worlds. It’s a whole different spin on the notion of reality TV.
“Deep Down” takes a hard look at mountaintop removal mining (MTR) in Appalachia, the region that has supplied our nation with coal for over a century. But at what price? The film also mines Appalachia itself in an attempt to take us beyond the hillbilly and monolithic culture stereotypes to explore the diverse cultures that call the region home. The subject is not new to Telluride audiences. Cellist Ben Sollee, who dazzled the Telluride Bluegrass crowds at this year’s festival, is a son of Appalachia. On a sunshiny Friday morning Ben’s music served his desire to raise awareness about MTR.

To learn more about the series, click the “play” button and listen to the Library’s tireless program coordinator, Scott Doser.

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