Telluride students to upgrade greenhouses

Telluride students to upgrade greenhouses

(Editor's note: The Telluride region's The New Community Coalition sends this information about the greenhouses that were built by Telluride High School students.)

038 Exciting news from the Telluride High School backyard: The school board gave the nod to students and SWIRL – the Southwest Institute for Relocalization to keep in place and perform upgrades to the two greenhouses built by the Building Trades students and planted by the School Food Systems class. With that approval SWIRL will purchase and install clear polycarbonate to replace the plastic film, upgrade the insulation and add an automatic venting system.

Students have been tracking minimum and maximum temperatures both inside and outside the structures for the past two months and have been amazed at what will grow- even as temperatures drop. School chef Michael Goller has been able to use some of the produce in the school lunch system – and plans are afoot for more growing and harvesting throughout the winter.


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