Telluride Gallery of Fine Art celebrates silver: party 11/23

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art celebrates silver: party 11/23

TGFA Twenty-five years ago in Telluride, development was in full swing and funk was becoming fashion when Will and Hilary Thompson opened Telluride Gallery of Fine Art at 130 East Colorado, Main Street. Will declared his mission from the get-go "We are in business to showcase the best art out there."

No qualifiers. Not the best art "for a small town," just the best. Period. At times that has come down to showing art for art's sake, for fun, not for profit, but the Thompsons did not seem to care. They were and are in it for the long haul. The response from the greater Telluride community has been overwhelming: many returning to town from off season breaks make the Gallery their first stop in town, just to check in with gallery director Baerbel Hacke and the other familiar faces on the staff to find out what's shaking.

To celebrate, for their annual November local artist exhibition, on Tuesday, November 23, 5 – 8 p.m., the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art plans to feature 22 of their current local stable, at the same time pay tribute to three of their greatest artists ever, deceased in the recent past: Bernie Fuchs (oil painting), Christo's wife Jeanne-Claude (signed photographic image), and Marcia Myers (fresco on linen).

Regional art on display includes paintings by Susan Billings, Michelle Curry Wright, Nancy B. Frank, Bruce Gomez, Jane Goren, Julee Hutchison, Robert Weatherford; sculpture by Julie McNair, Jerry Oyama, Michelle Montague, Judy Mulford, Goedele Vanhille;  photography by Kathleen Norris Cook, Bill Ellzey, Ben Knight, Drew Ludwig, Carl Marcus, Brett Schreckengost; and studio jewelry by Sue Hill, Lisa Issenberg, Marki Knopp, and Sally Simpson.

 “This is three parties in one," explained Hacke. "Our traditional local artist exhibition. The winter season kick-off event. And this year, a giant celebration of the Gallery’s 25 years in business in the same location and with the same owners. That just doesn’t happen so often in business these days."

The Birthday Bash continues with an after party (Karaoke!).

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