"Sunday Salon" at Telluride's Tomten Farm

"Sunday Salon" at Telluride's Tomten Farm

By Kris Holstrom

IMG_4034 The Sunday Salon that began at my Tomten Farm on Hastings Mesa in Telluride is an informal gathering to share ideas and inspire actions to create the world we want and what we need to live “lightly, carefully, gracefully, ….”

The Salon idea has been fomenting for some time. What we need is not just another meeting, but a rather a meeting of the minds at a gathering. Something not necessarily associated with anyone's job or routines, but rather something that stirs passions and in stirring passions, stirs the pot. What is it exactly that we are burning to accomplish? What can't wait? And how can we make such things happen? Or perhaps our Sunday Salons are just a great opportunity to spend time with members of the community who may or may not be regular playmates or part of your workaday world.

The first Sunday Salon at Tomten Farm was a great success. We came together in the growing dome. What could be better  for germinating ideas?  We shared some food, but mostly we took the opportunity to talk about issues important to each one of us. We brainstormed some actions and made new connections. Can we create new learning systems for all ages in the region? How about designing small scale integrated local food systems in a hub and spoke model that can be replicated anywhere? What needs to happen to get restaurants and others to embrace composting?

How far will the Sunday Salons go? Who knows? But Salon #2 is happening this Sunday, November 28, (weather permitting), and Salon #3 is scheduled for Jan. 2nd somewhere in the Mountain Village.
I'm hoping the idea will take off and people everywhere will look to reconnect with community. The ultimate goal: create the future we all desire by making a start now!

From Telluride: head towards Placerville. Just after the Sawpit sign (and before the Mercantile) take a RIGHT on County Road 58P. Climb 3 miles and take a LEFT on County Road 56V – there is no road sign here so check your miles. Travel ¾ mile and take a LEFT on Old Elam Ranch Road. Tomten is the first place on the right.

From Ridgway: head towards Placerville. Just past the turn to Brown Ranch Homestead (log cabin near the highway) take a LEFT on County Road 56V. You’ll go directly over Leopard Creek. Travel 1 mile, stay RIGHT to continue on CR56V (you’ll go downhill and over Alder Creek). Travel about 3 miles or so and take a RIGHT on Old Elam Ranch Road. Tomten is the first place on the right.

For more information please call me at 970-708-0289.


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