Telluride Inside… and Out on Crete: New friends

Telluride Inside… and Out on Crete: New friends

IMGP1967 Living in Telluride is about adventure. Readers of Telluride Inside… and Out know that Ben Clark and friends, including Erik and Chris Dalton, are in Nepal. David Byars will be corresponding from Ghana. Susan and I are currently on the island of Crete. There are plenty of adventures available in our backyard in Telluride, but Telluriders seem to be a wandering clan.

One of the reasons Susan and I travel is for the opportunity to meet new friends. Our first morning in Heraklion, Crete, we met 27-month-old Odysseas Pavlides, and through him his parents, Dr. Lefteris Pavlides and his wife Stephanie, both architects in Rhode Island.

IMGP1917 It turned out Dr. Pavlides, who teaches architecture at Roger Williams College, was in Crete to give a presentation on wind energy, which invited a spirited conversation on alternative energy, then on into a wide range of subjects, including Greek history (he grew up in Athens), politics, food, you name it. We also spent two wonderful evenings with a Greek professor, Demetrius Christakis, whose school sponsored the presentation.

We enjoyed several days exploring the historical sites and some great food around Heraklion with the Pavlides family, and as a bonus, will be interviewing Dr. Pavlides on the subject of wind power when we all return to the US.

As a further bonus, young Odysseas proved an engaging travel partner and budding soccer player. As he would put it, "We DID have an adventure!"

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