The "other show" in Telluride

The "other show" in Telluride

IMGP1477 With the excitement over the 37th Annual Telluride Film Festival, and the work in covering the event on Telluride Inside… and Out, it’s easy to overlook the “old Show” going on in the high country, as it has for millenia.

This morning I needed to get a little outdoors before burying my face in my computer. An easy ride down the bike path toward Telluride is Mill Creek Road, which works my legs and lungs whether I run it or ride my mountain bike. Today it was the bike. The reward for the effort is a series of vistas, including several angles on the Wilson Range, and a peaceful overlook across the San Miguel Valley and the town of Telluride, looking much quieter from my perch than within the town.

IMGP1474 IMGP1479 And the views of the high country surrounding Telluride… Well, yes, there they are: the 13000+ foot peaks, now showing that copper color that tells me there has been a hard frost above treeline. Autumn is coming on.

And now for the second reward: the Yee! Haw! downhill back to the Valley Floor. And my computer. But it’s ok now. I’ve gotten some exercise, felt the mountain air on my face, felt the rush of adrenaline on my downhill run. Thank you, Telluride. I can work now.

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