Telluride triumphs in Monterey: "Bag It" wins

Telluride triumphs in Monterey: "Bag It" wins

[click “Play” to listen to Susan’s conversation with Jeb Berrier]

Suzan Beraza

Telluride triumphed in Monterey’s BLUE Ocean Film Festival when the homegrown documentary “Bag It” by Reel Thing – director Suzan Beraza and her team – won in the category of Ocean Issues and Conservation. “Bag It” profiles a self-proclaimed “average guy” – Telluride local Jeb Berrier – who undertakes a global pilgrimage to explore our plastic world and understand our addiction to the supposedly disposable items. As we are learning everyday, plastic is amphibious, polluting our waters and lands with equal vigor and effectiveness.

“We were totally surprised. We were a bit like David, up against giants – National Geographic, BBC, Disney and Discovery. We did not enter BLUE Ocean with high expectations,” said Beraza. “And we were totally surprised and delighted when we won.”

“‘Bag It,” was the Festival best because it epitomized our encouraging message to documentary filmmakers to tell an important story in a humorous  and fresh way way. BLUE was looking calls-to-action like ‘Bag It’ that are both informative and crucial – and entertaining,” said BLUE director Arlene Burns, who only a few years ago, was the director of Mountainfilm in Telluride.

” We were thrilled to win the award and hope our film helps spread the word about plastics in our ocean,” said Berrier.

Before stopping in Monterey, Beraza and “Bag It”  producer Michelle Hill had been touring California screening their film in support of the (sadly) failed ban on plastic bags at convenience and grocery stores. 

To watch the trailer and learn more about the “Bag it” movement, go to

To learn more about “Bag It” at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival, click the “play” button and listen to Jeb Berrier’s interview.

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