Telluride Inside... And Out: Fall Travel

IMGP1496 We at Telluride Inside… and Out have family on both coasts, and in between. With the busy calendar in Telluride in Summer and Winter, most of our travel gets concentrated in the off seasons. Throw in the occasional glitch, and that off-season travel can get hectic.

IMGP1567_2 The past several weeks serve as an illustration: Susan and I spent a week in Pittsburgh with daughter Kjerstin and family. Some transportation difficulties made it more advantageous to forgo our planned two day stop in Telluride before continuing to the Seattle area to be with Chief Geek Kimm Viebrock and her family. The change meant we had a few extra days with the Northwest contingent, but brought a few difficulties of its own. We had driven to Denver and our car was at the airport. Instead of flying to Rapid City, SD for the annual get-together with fellow retired Northwest Airlines pilots, I flew to Denver, got the car, drove to Rapid City.

Not one of the pilots

The convention was worth the effort, which I will expand on later. Suffice to say that it was a busy weekend, visiting old friends that I don't see even every year. I'm on my way to Bellevue, Washington to get Susan, who has been with the family during my South Dakota journey. Here's Monday's entry: Breakfast in Rapid City; drove to Billings for lunch; dinner and a bed in Spokane. Tuesday I will have lunch with family in Waterville, Washington; with luck, visit a friend in Wenatchee; be in Bellevue in time for dinner; repack so we can drive back to Telluride for a few days before we fly to New Jersey to be with Susan's parents. Assuming we are still on our feet, we will go to Greece for about three weeks in mid-October.

Is your head spinning, yet? Mine is…


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