Telluride Film Festival: Who's coming to town?

Telluride Film Festival: Who's coming to town?

[click “Play”, Gary Meyer talks about who’s coming to town]

IMG_5469 Breaking news: The Telluride Film Festival features 3-D throughout the weekend, September 3 – September 6. But attendees may not need a big pair of red and green glasses to see the images. And they will not just be on the silver screen. They will be walking down the streets.

This weekend, critics, actors, directors, cinematographers, producers and distributors and buffs walk side or stand in line talking about films. Everyone shows up in Telluride because the event is regarded as a jewel among film festivals, sans hype or hoopla.

On the Telluride Film Festival goes to great expense of importing films and talent from all over the world, because Festival co-founders, Bill and Stella Pence and Tom Luddy believed (and the current directors continue to believe) in the importance of establishing an artistic as well as a screen presence.

The Telluride Film Festival is notorious for being closemouthed. The full list of films, filmmakers and tributees is not released until NOW. (The embargo was lifted at noon today.)

To find out who you might be standing next to you in line, click the “play” button and listen to Festival co-director Gary Meyer’s interview.

For ongoing coveerage of 2010 Telluride Film Festival, see Catalog of 2010 Stories.

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