Telluride Film Festival: Line-up For 2010

37th Telluride Film Festival feature line-up (Titles in bold are also scheduled to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival where a few are slated to be World or North American Premiere screenings): 

A LETTER TO ELIA (Scorsese and Jones, U.S., 2010) 

ANOTHER YEAR (Leigh, U.K., 2010) 

BIUTIFUL (Iñárritu, Mexico, 2010) 

CARLOS (Assayas, France, 2010) 

CHICO AND RITA (Trueba, Mariscal Spain-Cuba, 2010) North American premiere ahead of Toronto

THE FIRST GRADER (Chadwick, U.K., 2010) World premiere ahead of Toronto

THE FIRST MOVIE (Cousins, U.K., 2009) 

HAPPY PEOPLE: A YEAR IN THE TAIGA (Vasyukov with Herzog, Germany, 2010) 

IF I WANT TO WHISTLE, I WHISTLE (Şerban, Romania, 2010) 

THE ILLUSIONIST (Chomet, U.K., France, 2010) 

INCENDIES (Villeneuve, Canada, 2010) 

INSIDE JOB (Ferguson, U.S., 2010) 

THE KING’S SPEECH (Hooper, U.K., 2010) 

LE QUATTRO VOLTE (Frammartino, Italy, 2010) 

NEVER LET ME GO (Romanek, U.K./U.S., 2010) 

OF GODS AND MEN (Beauvois, France, 2010) North American premiere ahead of Toronto

OKA! AMERIKEE (Currier, U.S.-Central African Republic, 2010) 

POETRY (Chang-dong, Korea, 2010) 

PRECIOUS LIFE (Eldar, Israel, 2010) 

THE PRINCESS OF MONTPENSIER (Tavernier, France, 2010) 

TABLOID (Morris, U.S., 2010) 

TAMARA DREWE (Frears, U.K., 2010) 

THE TENTH INNING (Burns, Novick, U.S., 2010) 

THE WAY BACK (Weir, U.K., 2010) 

For updated lineup and full schedule information for TFF 2010, visit the Telluride Film Festival official website where the 37th Telluride Film Festival Program Guide should be available soon is available now. Remember to check often during Labor Day weekend, as TBAs (To Be Announced) are posted daily.

For ongoing coverage of 2010 Telluride Film Festival see Catalog of 2010 Stories. Reviews of previous Telluride Film Festivals at Film Fest.

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