Telluride's KOTO guest DJs, Friday August 13

Telluride's KOTO guest DJs, Friday August 13

KOTO SFR '10-GDJD Hey, Telluride! It's KOTO guest DJ time again. Friday, August 13, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Telluride's Bling merchants will be manning the mikes and phones to raise money for KOTO, Telluride's non-commercial, non-underwritten, locally supported radio station.

Each business will have a one hour slot. Picaya leads off at 10:00, followed by Elinoff Gallery, Schilling, Cashmere Red, Lustre, Dolce, ending with Telluride Gallery of Fine Art in the 4-5:00 PM hour.

You can support KOTO by tuning in, walking in to the studio at 207 N. Pine, or by calling in on 970-728-4333.

And I bet you can still buy a nice piece of jewelry at any of these establishments while the "voices" are on the air.

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