Telluride Academy's Mudd Butts open at The Palm, 8/13

Telluride Academy's Mudd Butts open at The Palm, 8/13

Emma Ryan The Telluride Academy's Mudd Butts opens August 13 at The Palm. The 24th annual production is "1001 Arabian Nights." The event takes place Friday, August 13 and Saturday, August 14 @ 7 p.m. The Sunday program, a matinee @ 2 p.m., is followed by an auction of Mike Stasiuk's incredible props. 

While the heart and soul of the Mudd Butts is a trio of outspoken creative geniuses, Sally Davis, Kim Epifano and Mike Stasiuk, its takes a village to mount their ambitious happenings.

A list of this year's cast and crew follows:

Max Kanner- Speaking Bird, Executioner
Hudson Groner-Old Man, Townsperson
Mathew Hodes-Acrobat, Farid
Sam Finger- Sister 2, Camel
Esme Fahnestock-Town Crier, Dancing Bear, Raven
Dean Hodes- Juggler, Grand Vizier
Ting Taylor- Acrobat, Faruz
Gabby Taylor-Thief 3, Quassim’s Wife
Katie Collins-Tea Server, Nick
Emma Issacs-Morgiana
Devon McHugh-Silver Bird, Beggar Woman
Victoria Groner-Scheherazade
Julia Mansour-King of the thieves
Ryan Rosenthal- Ali Baba, Azadi
Paulina Johansson- Farizad
Maddie Alexander- Telluride Girl, musician
Eva Miller- Thief 1, acrobat,
Georgia Miller- Acrobat, Tea Server, Raven
Carly Hodes- Acrobat, Genie 2, Guard
Cindy Matamoros- Quasim, Gardener’s Wife
Luke Marshall- Sultan
Hiep Witzel- Tea Server, Dancing Bear, Guard
Annika Westman- Town Crier, Singing Camel
Bella Johnson- Sister 1, Camel body
Brooke Balthrope- Thief 2, Golden Water, Queen Hafa
Izzy Mariani- Dunyazad
Hayes McManemin- Genie 1, Gardener husband, Singing Tree
Audrey McManemin- Acrobat, King

Poster Design- Casey Nay

Program Design- Anne Reeser

Advertising and PR angels- Jeannie Stewart, Sara Doehrman

Guest Artists- Angela Watkins, Jos Lifton-Zoline

Original Script- Danny Duncan, Emily Klion, Maggie McKaig

Script Adaptation- Sally Davis, Kim Epifano, Pamela Zoline, Clay Frohman and the Mudd Butts

Rigging- Richard Kittle

Technical Support- Thomas Wisel, Ashley Boling, Marc Froehlich, Jonas Fahnestock, Nick Kenworthy,

Prop Shop Angels- We Thank You All!

Directors- Kim Epifano & Sally Davis

Prop Master- Mike Stasiuk

Lighting Designer- James Moody

Costumes- Sara Doehrman, Luci Reeves, Maisy Metrix,

Stage Managers- Sara Doehrman, Angela Watkins

Technical Director- Michael Wingfield

Band- Sally Davis, Kim Epifano, Clay Frohman, Jos Lifton Zoline and The Troupe

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