SkiTops comes to Telluride

SkiTops comes to Telluride

Tour Operators From Around the Globe Visit August 16-19

The Ski Tour Operators Association, also known as SkiTops arrives next week in Telluride August 16-19. For the first time, the largest gathering of tour operators and sales agents has chosen Telluride for their annual summer meeting known as “The University”, for the participants' educational benefits.

“It is great to have such an influential travel and tourism group here in Telluride to experience this rich destination,” said Patrick Rothe, Director of Sales for the Telluride Ski Resort.

Twenty five tour operators, both from the United States and Canada, bring 70-80 staff and front line sales agents to experience Telluride as an internationally recognized destination. This annual late summer meeting is designed to discuss industry trends in lodging, lift and ground transportation. With over 140 participant’s total, this convention is expected to bring over $140K to Telluride.

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