Muleskinners Ball in support of Telluride Museum, 8/12

Muleskinners Ball in support of Telluride Museum, 8/12

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Unknown Before Telluride was a ski resort, way before. Before town sported tricked out Victorians, hot and cold running condos and gourmet eateries. Before there were non-profits to fundraise for, there was lots of fun-raising. Over the top. Slightly wicked. Take for example the Muleskinners’ Ball.

Muleskinners had nothing to do with hunting. Hauling was their game. They ran pack trains used to transport ore and the bare necessities to miners and loggers. Butch Cassidy was said to be a muleskinner. He allegedly worked for the Tomboy Mine before he was arrested in 1887. In Telluride’s mining days the end of the 19th Century/ turn of the 20th Century, the Muleskinners’ Ball was one of the era’s most popular annual events.

In an attempt to capture the rakish charm of Telluride’s steamy past, The Telluride Historical Museum’s upcoming fun-raiser is an updated version of the derring-do that happened back in the day. The Museum’s Muleskinners’ Ball is scheduled for Thursday, August 12, 7 p.m. at The Elks, formerly the historic Swede Finn Hall. The evening includes dinner (not appetizers, dinner), drinking ( a full bar), dancing to the live music of the Anders Brothers, special gifts for attendees, and other fun and games.Think Deadwood meets the Gunsmoke Saloon.

“We’re not ready to let all the mules out of the mine just yet,” says Lauren Bloemsma, museum executive director.  

For further information click the “play” button and listen to board member and event chair Diana Conovitz’s interview.

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