Last chance, Telluride: Squidshow Theatre and "Cataclysm"

Last chance, Telluride: Squidshow Theatre and "Cataclysm"

IMG_6645 SquidShow Theatre is presenting its last showing of "Cataclysm" tonight, August 3, at its wonderful outdoor theatre in Deep Creek. I know the weather is iffy, so bring a tarp for your lap, wear some good rain gear, and be there.

IMG_6639 The old mine above Deep Creek is a great backdrop for this story of apocalypse now, and the days after. The company participated in the writing of the play, and the physical theatre the Squids are known for has plenty of stage to run on.

Congratulations to Sasha Cuciniello and the whole company for a paradoxically serious, but still humorous, look at the end of civilization. And the beginning of hope.

Caution: Adult language

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