37th annual Telluride Chamber Music Festival: event overvu

37th annual Telluride Chamber Music Festival: event overvu

[click “Play” for Roy Malan’s conversation with Susan]

Roy Malan In the early 1970s, Telluride was just beginning to pulse thanks to a chap from Beverly Hills named Joe Zoline, who had just opened the ski resort. Still, half of Main Street was boarded up and people were high-tailing it out of town muttering darkly about the closing of the Idarado Mines. The historic Sheridan Opera House was a camping ground for derelicts with broken glass and dusty mattresses everywhere. Roy Malan and Robin Sutherland, for many years stalwart co-directors of the Telluride Chamber Music Festival, played despite the venue – and the crowd liked the sound.

That was in 1974. The Telluride Chamber Music Festival returns this weekend for its 37th encore. Following a free concert  and picnic, starting 5 p.m.,  in Town Park, the series takes place two consecutive weekends, Friday and Saturday, August 13 – August 14, then again August 20 – August 21.

A “Special Extravaganza” at the Michael D. Palm Theatre features Sutherland on piano. A special free children’s concert takes place on Friday, August 20, 11 a.m. The event is build around the story of “Heidi,” as narrated by Katherine DeBoer, with a score composed  by house pianist James Winn. Ice cream is served after a meet and greet with the musicians.

Except for the “Extravaganza,” all concerts take place at the Sheridan Opera House and begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25.

For a detailed schedule, go to the Telluride Chamber Music website or click the “play” button and listen to Telluride Chamber Music co-founder/director, violinist Roy Malan’s interview.

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