34th Annual Telluride Jazz Celebration: Event Overview

[click “Play”, Susan talks with Paul Machado and Terry Tice]

The history of the Telluride Jazz Celebration in digestible sound bytes.

Jazz 2010 Postcard Final The story begins in another tranquil mountain village in Yugoslavia. A young man named Nick Terstenjak, who was passionate about jazz, migrated to America, settled in New York for a spell, then moved on to Telluride in 1975. The Telluride Jazz Celebration was born out of Nick’s KOTO radio show in 1976.

Over the year, the Telluride Jazz Celebration changed hands time and again, but the line-up remained star studded. In 1983, the Town of Telluride took over. By 1984, downtown clubs and bars as well as Town Park became event venues. When Lynn Rae and Buck Lowe took over the event, Paul Machado became their stage manager. He also worked for the Lowes’ successor before accepting the baton in 1991.

Under Machado’s direction, the Telluride Jazz Celebration got Town support, raised thousands of dollars in sponsorships, recruited more jazz legends, and opened the door to emerging talents. In short, Machado not only stopped the event from hemorrhaging, he turned a much greener corner. The Telluride Jazz Celebration became a beloved fixture on Telluride’s summer cultural calendar.

Backed by a smart and cohesive board and dedicated staff, Machado’s 34th annual Telluride Jazz Celebration, August 5 – August 8, is poised to be the best ever. The Guest of Honor is a legend, be-bop pianist and bandleader Toshiko Akiyoshi. Guitar legend Larry Coryell returns to the line-up, and Machado welcomes up-and-coming superstar Raul Midon. Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks reminds us that everything old is new again. The two female vocalists on the program are knock-outs. There is the “Artists in the Library” Friday Program located at the Farmers Market featuring Mexican music; the  1st annual Free Wine Tasting in Town Park on Friday; teaming up with Telluride Climb to Conquer Cancer Run at Elks Park on Saturday; Sunday Brunch w/ Gospel Hummingbirds; Mexican Fiesta at Elks Park on Sunday; Beginner and Advanced Yoga Classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The 34th annual Telluride Jazz Celebration is More Than Jazz.

To learn more, click the play button and listen to impresario Machado and board member Terry Tice talk about what’s coming and what’s new.

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