"This Isn't What It Looks Like" At Telluride's Palm Theatre

[click “Play” to hear Susan’s interview with Philip Gerson]

IMG_4517 Jennie Franks of the Telluride Playwrights Festival discovered the play in the process of creating her 2010 season. It was Franks who suggested the joint venture with the Telluride Repertory Theatre, the play’s producer. “This Isn’t What It Looks LIke” is being staged at Telluride’s Palm Theatre, July 15 – July 18, with the audience sitting in the round on stage with the action. Show time is 7:30 p.m.

Written by Philip Gerson ( story editor, “Murder She Wrote,” co-executive producer of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”)  “This Isn’t What It Looks LIke” is billed as a “comedy about  everything you can’t talk about at a dinner party: sex, religion and – oh no – politics.” Franks experienced the play as “an hour of non-stop hysteria.”

“This Isn’t What It Looks LIke” touches all our hot buttons – today’s nightmarish universe of hate politics, big media consolidation, and isolating technology –through the story of a man forced to question his entire existence when his government job is outsourced to Nepal, his wife turns against him, his teenaged son refuses to leave his room, and a curvy conservative talk-show host targets his family. 

“This Isn’t What It Looks Like” stars Ashley Boling as Henry, Kelsey Patterson as his wife Susan and Molly Wickwire as Alice, the media babe.The supporting cast includes Devin McCarthy, Peter Chadman, Genevieve Matamoros, Marisso Ortiz, Simon Perkovich, Sophie Spilman, and Peter Marullo.

“This Isn’t What It Looks Like” was directed by William Missouri Downs, a world famous American playwright, director and author, now teaching theater at the University of Wyoming.

For further information, click the “play” button and listen to Gerson’s interview.

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