Telluride's SquidShow Theatre presents "Cataclysm!"

Telluride's SquidShow Theatre presents "Cataclysm!"

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Poster Telluride’s SquidShow Theatre is the living end. This time we mean that literally. Saturday July 31 – Tuesday, August 3, the Squids present “Cataclysm!: “The end is closer than you think. So is the beginning.” The happening takes place nightly at 7 p.m. at The Deep Creek Mine, just seven miles outside of town.

“Cataclysm” was conceived by SquidShow Theatre founder Sasha Cucciniello and her long-time collaborator, New York City-based playwright, Sarah Gancher.

After working with the Deep Creek Artisan Guild, Sasha became determined to create a show specifically for this rustic location. For years, the idea of a site-specific theatrical piece at Deep Creek percolated, eventually took shape in “Cataclysm.” Sasha tapped Sarah to come to Telluride to co-write this theatrical extravaganza, created from scratch through the rehearsal process under the leadership of director Jen Wineman and designer Melissa Trn.


“Cataclysm” is Gilligan’s Island meets “The Road.” (Minus the cannibalism.) The play tells the story of survivors who find each other after our nation suffers a complete environmental, governmental, and financial meltdown. The ragtag group of pioneers, somewhat like our Founding Fathers only with better haircuts, are charged with creating a new society. Key decisions involve what they want to bring with them from the past and what should be left behind. Those tenuous first days, including relationships, stories, and memories then become grist for future generations’ mythology mill.

“Cataclysm” stars Sasha Cucciniello, Sam Burgess, Shaun Greager, Dahlia Mertens, Thomas Shane and Colin Sullivan, with original music by Ethan Hale.
As always SquidShow Theatre’s plays are FREE and open to the public.
Donations happliy accepted. A hat will be passed. Not suitable for children.

Deep Creek Mine is located 7 miles West of Downtown Telluride, on Highway 145 at mile marker 75.   From Telluride, drive straight down the hill 7 miles, turn right on Deep Creek Road. Signs and attendants will direct you as to where to park. Please carpool or take the free shuttle. Telluride Express leaves from the CourtHouse promptly @ 6:30 p.m.

For further information visit or call 708-3934. And click the “play” button to listen to Jen Wineman’s interview.

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