Sunday on Telluride's Keystone Gorge trail

Sunday on Telluride's Keystone Gorge trail

IMGP1331 It's so easy in Telluride to return to old familiar trails for our morning hikes- with so many possibilities right out our door it's hard to think about trying something new. So Susan was surprised when I suggested she try Keystone Gorge for the first time.

I had done the trail earlier in the spring with the runoff causing a roar that drowned out all other sound. This morning the falls along the San Miguel River certainly could be heard, but they didn't completely overpower birdsong and rustle of wind in the aspens.

IMGP1329 IMGP1327 The Keystone Gorge Loop affords many wonderful views of the river and the mountains around us, as well as pocket parks right on the San Miguel. There is enough vertical in the three mile loop to feel one has gotten a workout, but mostly the reason for going is that it is a little paradise only minutes from our busy lives.

The plaque on the bench reminded me to thank our friend Pamela Smith for her part in making this path a possibility for our community.

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