Cool Energy, Inc.: Boulder company harnesses the Sun

Cool Energy, Inc.: Boulder company harnesses the Sun

[click “Play” to listen to Sam Weaver’s conversation with Clint]

SolarHeart2 Telluride Inside… and Out has an ongoing interest in sustainability issues. Cool Energy, based in Boulder, Colorado, may seem a bit beyond our borders, but consider this: at the speed of (sun)light, it’s less than one thousandth of a second from Boulder to Telluride.

Model7b Cool Energy is testing its third generation system, simple in concept, whose aim is to provide space heat, domestic water heating, and electrical generation in an integrated package. The main components are the solar rooftop collectors, the insulated storage system, the SolarHeart Engine, and the brains of the outfit, the SolarSmart Controller.

In the above interview, Sam Weaver gives us a great overview of what Cool Energy is up to. Cool Energy’s website has more information about their system. We look forward to continuing the conversation, even more important with the decision by the US Senate to delay consideration of climate change legislation.

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