Can One Stay Busy In Telluride?

Gina, Eider Creek Small towns have the reputation of "Not much to do". In Telluride? Here, the opposite is true, so much so that writing, publishing and creating the visuals for Telluride Inside… and Out (not that I'm the only one putting in those hours: Susan works harder than I do.) sometimes means I don't spend as much time outside as I would like.

Since mid-May, the schedule has been wild, what with Mountainfilm in Telluride, Telluride Balloon Festival, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride Wine Festival, Telluride Musicfest, Telluride Yoga Festival, KOTO's Doo Dah, Playwrights Festival. And this doesn't even include lectures at the Wilkinson Library, the Palm Theatre, the occasional dinner out with friends, a movie at the Nugget Theatre. One night last week we went to five! events, and still had send regrets to one or two.

But this weekend, I found myself feeling somewhat caught up. Now, Chief Geek and #1 daughter Kimm Viebrock could find plenty I should be doing for Telluride Inside… and Out, but she knows me well enough that I'm sure she won't begrudge me the long hours I've spent running in the hills the past few days, or the bike ride I took on the Galloping Goose trail and along the South Fork of the San Miguel this morning, even taking time to stop and enjoy my favorite spots along the route.

For a few days until the pace picks up again, I'll spend the time I can spare in these hills that I love. We'll still take our quick morning hike most days: Gina the Dog has to have her exercise after all, but in the meantime, I think I saw her smile when I didn't rush her cool-off baths in the river and the creeks.

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