A Telluride Sunday

A Telluride Sunday

Gina and the ladies, Lizard Head It's been a busy week in Telluride, capped by a get-together among friends last night: good food, good wine, good conversation. As a result, Susan and I slept in a bit this morning. I was just getting ready to take Gina the Dog out for her morning walk. Susan, checking email: "Susan Dalton wants to know if we want to join her and Bettie Hastings for a hike up at Lizard Head. Maybe see if we can find some early mushrooms?"

Sounded better than whatever I had in mind, so I agreed. There was still time to get Gina out for a short walk, and start the Sunday morning chores. Soon Susan picked us up, then stopped to get Bettie, and in a few more minutes we were out of the car at the Cross Mountain trailhead, and on our way, Gina the Dog happy to be leading the pack.

The results of our foraging? Lizard Head Wilderness: 1; Hunter/Gatherers: 0 (or nearly zero- I found a few tiny wild strawberries and among our group there were enough chanterelles to flavor some scrambled eggs)

So, was it worth it? You tell me. It was a beautiful morning, a bit cloudy, a little cool; a nice hike with friends; a happy dog; and the San Juan range for our playground. I'd say it was worth it.

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