Your Ah Haa Moment: Jared David Paul's "Back Of Beyond"

Jdp Telluride local Jared David Paul is known for a variety of artistic explorations. His "Back of Beyond" is currently on display in the Daniel Tucker Gallery at Telluride's Ah Haa School for the Arts.

Jared David Paul was trained in traditional Chinese painting in Beijing, China. He  also studied photography in Prague, apprenticing with a National Geographic photographer. In addition to ink painting and photography, Jared createss culptures, installation, video and performance pieces. His images of totems, astronauts, black rainbows, and light-drenched explorers are meant to engage the viewer in a very human discussion about the nature of self expression. "Back of Beyond" puts forth an artistic vocabulary that reads like a primitive American epic.

"In this collection of work, 'Back of Beyond,' I have used totems and mythological images across cultures and reflected them in a broad range of mediums in the hope of evoking something rich and emotive," said the artist. "Through these pieces, I invite an internal primordial discussion with the Self, so that you, as viewers, might remember long forgotten personal mythology. I believe the secret to creative genius is the ability to capture the essence of childhood and bring it forth in adulthood: many images in this body of work are totems from my own youth.  Collectively, these works of art are visual reminders of purpose, change, and what it is to be raw, real, and human.The show is dedicated to my father, David Lloyd Anderson, 1946-2010."

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