Telluride Squid's "Inaccurate Reenactments" close Fest festivities, 6/12

Telluride Squid's "Inaccurate Reenactments" close Fest festivities, 6/12

HistoricalPoster_WESTFEST Telluride is crazy about Squids. And not just breaded and served with a side of marinara or aioli sauce. We like ours on stage.

Saturday, June 12, is the first day of the second annual Heritage Fest, which continues through Sunday, June 13.

Heritage Fest is a celebration of the history of the Telluride region. The family fun includes lots of activities especially for the young and young at heart: Galloping Goose Railcar Rides at the Ah Ha School, Stagecoach rides down Main Street, demonstrations of sheep sheering, blacksmithing, double and single jack drilling and gold panning, a Nickel Grab at the county courthouse, face painting at Ah Haa, more contests in Elks Park, and a reenactment of the Butch Cassidy bank robbery. The five-star Wilkinson Public Library is showing films in keeping with the historical theme: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "We Skied It."

Whore story And that's just Saturday. For sure kids will need their zzzzzzzzzs. Which is a good thing, because the night time is when Telluride's history gets a bit too colorful, tilting towards the blue end of the spectrum. That's when Telluride's Squids come out to play.

The Saturday night Heritage Fest closer is a presentation of SquidShow Theatre's pop hit, "Inaccurate Reenactments." The cast of characters includes drunks and soiled doves – Moonshine Larry, Misty Maiden, Lon Remine, Swan Swanson, and the infamous madam, Big Billie – performing R-rated skits based on local lore.

Originally commissioned by the Telluride Historical Museum, "Inaccurate Reenactments" was performed by the troupe before packed houses three times this past winter. For the Heritage Fest iteration, Sasha Cucciniello, has added new material.

“Our local history is so chock full of amazing stories, we can’t stop adding to the script. We just love performing these characters.”

"Inaccurate Reenactments" has become a bit of a cult classic. Local, Todd Brown has seen every performance of the show and has been known to blurt out lines along with the characters. He’s not the only one. Think of "Inaccurate Reenactment" as Telluride's answer to "The Rocky Horror Show" – only these events really happened. These characters once upon a time lived. (Eat your heart out Frankfurter.)

“Friends don’t let friends miss this show,” said Lauren Bloemsma, director of the Telluride Historical Museum. "The original play was commissioned last year to broaden the museum’s demographic. We’re just so grateful SquidShow Theatre is sponsoring this performance, adding a great new element to our Heritage Fest schedule.”

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