Telluride Dance Academy: Good luck, Paulie

Telluride Dance Academy: Good luck, Paulie

[click “Play” to listen to Paulie’s conversation with Susan]

DSC_0153_2 The Telluride Dance Academy is holding its Spring Recital, Fresh Twists on Dance this afternoon, Sunday, June 6. Susan did a podcast interview with Paulie Distefano that was supposed to be a part of an earlier article on Telluride Inside… and Out. As sometimes happens, the podcast was omitted at the time the article was published, but because Paulie is leaving Telluride in a few days to attend the Joffrey School for Ballet in New York, we believe that it still makes sense to run the interview. Listen as Paulie speaks about how he got to this point, and what this new twist means to him.

Paulie Distefano photo by Anita Ptak

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