Jagged Edge organizes river cleanup in Telluride

Jagged Edge organizes river cleanup in Telluride

IMGP1229 The San Miguel River flowing through Telluride is important to Jagged Edge. So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that Jagged Edge organized a river cleanup day last Wednesday, June 9.

IMGP1240 Erik Dalton and Cari Mackie were on the river in kayaks, representing the company. Connor Intemann and I were in kayaks, Travis Julia was manning a whitewater canoe as the "trash boat" and George Greenbank patrolled the left bank on his mountain bike.

We put in just upstream from the Town Park bridge. The river was flowing fast, bank-to-bank, but we were able to find small eddies to pull in along the way to pick up the trash we found.

IMGP1250 Anyone questioning the theme of the "Bag It" movie during Mountainfilm in Telluride would have had those questions answered. Where does the plastic go? Well, one place was all along the San Miguel from Town Park to Society Turn. Check out Travis's loaded canoe when he pulled in at Society Turn. And thanks for all the green plastic bags, mostly full. I'm not sure the ecological solution is to put your dog's crap into a green plastic bag, but I DAMNSURE know the solution isn't to bag it, then leave it alongside the trail, or where the river will pick it up and deposit it downstream somewhere.

IMGP1252 Dog poop aside, it was a beautiful day and a great reason to be on the river. Thank you, Jagged Edge, for putting this together. I think we did some good, and had some fun. And thanks for the cold PBRs when we got back to Telluride.

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