Jagged Edge 2010 Paddle-with-a-Pro Day, 6/10

Jagged Edge 2010 Paddle-with-a-Pro Day, 6/10

[To listen to Erik Dalton talk about the Paddle-With-a-Pro day, click “Play”]

TSyle Spring 08 Fashion-013894 Work first. Fun after. The river clean-up hosted by Jagged Edge happens Wednesday, June 9. (See related post for details.) The very next day, Thursday, June 10, is pay back: Jagged Edge’s 2010 Paddle-with-a-Pro Day.

Paddle-with-a-Pro Day is an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from the amazing Ruth Gordon, a Jackson Kayak-sponsored pro paddler. Spend the day with Ruth in the Gunnison Gorge, a great stretch of Class III waters just outside Montrose. Attendees also get to demo Jackson Kayaks. Transportation and shuttle costs are picked up by the San Miguel Whitewater Club for this all-day event.

In more kayaking news, the Telluride Kayak School, which operates out of the Jagged Edge retail store, offers a series of summer classes any boater should want to take advantage of. Next up after Paddle-with-a-Pro Day: Playboating clinic. Participants go down to “The Ledges” section of the San Miguel River to focus on the skills and techniques of today’s current playboating trends.

For more information on the courses, contact Matt Wilson with the Telluride Kayak School,970-728-6250, or Matt@kayaktelluride.com.

For a overview of river fun with Jagged Edge, click the “play” button and listen to Erik Dalton.
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