Freelance Whales @ Telluride's Opera House, 6/4

The Freelance Whales, appearing in concert at Telluride's historic Sheridan Opera House starting at 9 p.m., Friday night, June 4, plays everything from guitars, banjos, tambourines, harmonium, glockenspiels, and watering cans to the occasional keyboard and laptop assist. Besides instruments, the band favors ghosts and dream-logs. Their first release, Weathervanes, has lots to do with ghosts. And dreams.

Freelance Whales met via Craigslist, went on to play on street corners and in subways, where busy New Yorkers, wanting more of their indie sound, chose to miss their trains. Drilling down in to the sound, well, it ranges far and wide from electronic indie booty-shaking riffs to what one critic described as "overalls on a front porch." And another summed up this way:

"…sounds that are acoustic and precious, boldly baring bespectacled sensitivity and couching touching melodies in delicate instrumentation."

The first performance by the Freelance Whales took place in January 2009, in Staten Island’s abandoned Farm Colony, a dilapidated geriatric ward in one of New York’s lesser visited boroughs, meant to be one of the most haunted places in America. But the spirits were not moved – at least not enough to show. Except for the clapping in an adjacent room, laughing too, but not a single lost soul inquired about a record.

Since their brief residency at the Farm Colony, the Freelance Whales have taken their haunted nostalgia and hit the road, now on their first tour of the Canada and the U.S.

For more information or tickets to this event please go to the Sheridan Opera House website or call (970) 728-6363 x2.  Online ticket sales turn off at 8 p.m. day of show.

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