Cadillac Sky at Telluride Bluegrass Fest

Cadillac Sky at Telluride Bluegrass Fest

[click “Play” to hear Bryan Simpson talk about Cadillac Sky]

Cadillac Sky 2010 Promotional Photo Listen: Cadillac Sky comes straight from red dirt country to the Main Stage of the 37th annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, on a high from the heat their brand spanking new CD, “Letters in the Deep,” is generating.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s marketing guru Brian Eyster described “Letters in the Deep” as “one of the coolest bluegrass albums of the year.”  He raves about Cadillac Sky’s great songs, virtuosic picking (the band includes national champions on fiddle and banjo), and no-holds-barred delivery. Their stage setup includes lots of effect pedals (for distortion and other tricks of the trade), as well as a small drum kit one band member or another might sit at “when the energy needs to go to 11.”

And Brian is not alone in the fan club, with critics tripping over their superlatives about Cadillac Sky:

“The songwriting stands out with its fearless appropriation of rock, pop, blues and old-time dance music,” Boston Herald

“I’m nearly speechless. This is the most innovative and original sound since the first notes of bluegrass passed Bill Monroe’s lips,” The Rick Marino Show 103 WKDF Nashville

“This quintet offers a mountain of musical riches: close harmony singing, propulsive melodies with innovative tempo changes, hot banjo picking from Matt Menefee and intriguing original material from the pen of the group’s lead singer and mandolin player, Bryan Simpson,” Chicago Sun-Times

Cadillac Sky, a neo-Americana sound machine on a roll, is David Mayfield on guitar/percussion; lead singer Bryan Simpson, on guitar and violin; Ross Holmes on mandolin and melotron; and Andy “Panda” Moritz on piano, percussion and bass.

Cadillac Sky is performing Friday, June 18, 12:45 p.m., Friday night at The Moon for Nightgrass. The group is also participating in a workshop on Sunday at Elks Park.

To learn more, click the “play’ button and listen to Bryan Simpson’s podcast.
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