Telluride’s Rock and Roll Academy: Concert, summer camp, master class

Telluride’s Rock and Roll Academy: Concert, summer camp, master class

[click “Play” to listen to Mark Galbo’s conversation with Susan]

N174399212347_8010 On Saturday, May 22, 7 – 10 p.m., Telluride’s historic Sheridan Opera House hosts a Spring Rock Concert featuring local talent from director Mark Galbo’s Rock and Roll Academy.

An innovative, passionate and dedicated music educator – and life coach – Mark Galbo founded the Rock and Roll Academy is 2004 on the strongly held conviction that music is “instant community.” The goal of his School within the School at Telluride’s Mountain School and his after-school initiatives are the same: deliver an experiential music program that encourages team building, self-expression, personal transformation, and social responsibility. In a nutshell, Galbo’s Academy has little to do with chest-beating, guitar smashing or priapic strutting and much more to do with teaching kids how to make positive choices in their lives. They learn fearlessness while finding mystery and having fun.

Registration for Mark Galbo’s 7th annual Summer Rock Camp is open now. The program offers kids ages 5 – 18 a unique opportunity to play in a band while developing character and – to drive an important point home – having a ball.

And that’s not all. Galbo is also offering a Guitar Master Class intensive, Monday through Wednesday, June 14 – June 16, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., at the Rock and Roll Academy at the Telluride Mountain School, designed to take intermediate guitar players, adults this time, to the next level.

To learn more about this smorgasbord of rock and roll summer options, click the “play” button and listen to Mark Galbo’s inspiring podcast.

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