Telluride’s New Community Coalition supports spring clean-up, 5/20 – 22

Telluride’s New Community Coalition supports spring clean-up, 5/20 – 22

IMGP0406 It's Spring, the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth – and a national ritual: Spring cleaning, a cyclical exercise that goes like this: out with the old, in with the inevitable new, which becomes old and, well, next Spring, if you can bear to part with it, goes out again. Which is why Lita, at the Town of Telluride's public works department, recognized the need for an annual event.

On Thursday May 20 – Saturday May 22, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., the Town of Telluride, in fact all of San MIguel County, is urged to roll up its sleeves to get rid of the flotsam and jetsom of our lives.

Bring the following to West Black Bear Road, near Public Works Facility.

Items Accepted:

Household and Garden Refuse – No Commercial Trash
Scrap Metal
Tires – No Rims (Car – $3.00 each, Truck – $5.00 each)
Appliances ($35.00 for each freon item)
Vehicle Batteries (household batteries go to Hazardous Material Collection)
Household Recyclables: Glass, #1 – #6 Plastics, Aluminum, Tin, Paper, Cardboard

Electronics Accepted:

Large Copiers: $50.00
Televisions, 19 in.: $20.00
Computer Monitors, Televisions ,19 in. : $15.00
Large Printers: $10.00
Whole CPU’s, Towers, Laptops: $ 9.00
Printers, Fax Machines, Battery Backups, Peripherals: $ 7.00
Stereos, VCR’s, Receivers, Digital Cameras:  $ 5.00
Keyboards: $ 2.00
Phones, Chargers, Cables, Circuit Boards, etc. : FREE

Call Lita for further information,728-8415 (Some fees will apply.)

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Saturday May 22, 2010     8:00 – 1:00
High School Parking Lot
Call Chris for info: 369-5442 (fees will apply)

Items Accepted:

Paint & Paint Thinner
Kerosene & Turpentine
Household Batteries
Motor Oil & Vehicle Fluids
Fluorescent Bulbs
Light Ballasts

Volunteers are needed to assist: three to four hour shifts in exchange for being allowed to drop off your electronics recycling free of charge within reason. (A truckload is not an option.)

Shifts are as follows each day: 
    •    9:00-1:00
    •    10-1:00
    •    11:00-2:00
    •    1:00-4:00   OR whenever you are available.

Bring snacks or lunch, dress for the weather (rain or sun), wear sunscreen or a hat and your back or your energy.  Lifting is required for some tasks, so please let us know if you have any physical issues that need to be considered.

Please RSVP your availability to either Colleen Trout or Walter Wright  of Telluride's The New Community Coalition, who are assisting Lita, at 728-1340 or respond via e-mail. Please provide TNCC with the best phone number and e-mail address where you can be reached to confirm your slot.  

The New Community Coalition thanks you in advance for your participation.

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