Open house: Telluride’s American Academy of Bookbinding, 5/25

Open house: Telluride’s American Academy of Bookbinding, 5/25

Open house poster[1] Rumors of the death of the publishing business may or may not be greatly exaggerated, but the art of publishing is alive and well in Telluride, home to the American Academy of Bookbinding.

Founded in 1993 by Daniel Tucker (also the visionary behind the Ah Haa School for the Arts), Tini Miura, and Einen Miura, the American Academy of Bookbinding is an internationally known degree-oriented bookbinding and book conservation school that offers book enthusiasts of all levels the opportunity to initiate and improve their skills in a generous and supportive learning environment.

The American Academy of Bookbinding conducts intensive courses in the fine art of leather binding, conservation and related disciplines with the idea of graduating professional-level binders and book conservators with the knowledge and skills to produce the highest quality work and the ability to pass on these skills to the next generation. Introductory classes are also offered.

Interested in learning more? The recently remodeled space hosts an open house Tuesday, May 25, 5 – 7 p.m.

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