Mountainfilm In Telluride Features Vaillant On "The Tiger"

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On Saturday, May 29, 12:15, at The Palm, Mountainfilm in Telluride guest author/journalist John Vaillant talks about his latest book,”The Tiger” (Knopf).

But “The Tiger” is not just an action-adventure tale about a big cat. The story is a variation on Vaillant’s favorite theme: Man and nature at odds.

A growing body of evidence in the form of melting glaciers and extended droughts to escalating species extinction, the subject of Mountainfilm’s Moving Mountains Symposium, suggests the natural world is spinning out of control. And Mother Nature is showing her extreme displeasure by biting back.

Literally in the case of “The Tiger.”

When Yuri Trush was called to investigate an attack by a Siberian tiger, the man-eating Amur, what he found was an unprecedented display of rage: all that was left of the victim were stumps of bone protruding from the boots of the venal poacher. Even scarier, the attack proved to be far more chilling than a random act of violence. Indications were the act was premeditated and carefully orchestrated: the tiger was seeking revenge. Vaillant tracks Trush and Trush tracks the tiger – to the bitter end. William Blake’s “fearful symmetry” in action.

John Vaillant’s first book was the critically acclaimed “The Golden Spruce,” about a 300-year-old sitka spruce that had been revered by the local indigenous tribe, the Haida Nation, and chopped down. He has written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, and Men’s Journal, among other publications.

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To learn more about John Vaillant and “The Tiger” he got by the tale, click the “play” button and listen to his podcast.

John Vaillant photo by Dan Dietch

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