Telluride to Treehouse Resort

Telluride to Treehouse Resort

by Kris Holstrom

_DSC0133 It’s nice to get out of the Telluride region for a bit during off-season if circumstances allow. Our family +1 managed to accomplish a whirlwind tour of colleges in the Pacific Northwest. Daughter Kelsey is a junior, and it was a great opportunity to see new country as she considers where to launch the next phase of her life after graduation next year.

Colleges were many and great, but the most fun for me was staying at the Out 'n’ About Treehouse Treesort just outside of Cave Juntion, Oregon. If you ever played MYST and enjoyed the treehouse world or coveted a treehouse of your own as a kid, you would love this place.

_DSC0168 Our treehouse was just up the road from the main resort. A short climb up a hill, then a suspended walkway over to our home for the night.  The hexagonal treehouse wrapped itself around a large Douglas Fir tree. We were about 25’ off the ground, nevertheless well appointed: two bunk beds, a double, even a toilet and sink.

Just down the road was the main resort, where we spent the evening around the campfire with a lively group celebrating a 30th birthday. The main resort features a number of treehouses, a yurtree, a main lodge for check-in and breakfasts, a covered stage, lengthy ziplines, horseback riding, and a magical air.

In the morning the girls did the “Tarzan swing” with glee. It was too wet for the zipline adventures, but we left fully satisfied having enjoyed one of the most unique lodging experiences ever.

Check out their website. And I urge you if you’re out that way, try sleeping in a tree.
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