Telluride Inside…and Out: Ben Clark in the Himalayas continued (#5)

Telluride Inside…and Out: Ben Clark in the Himalayas continued (#5)

Editor's note: For eight years, Telluride local Ben Clark and a few friends/business colleagues have made Spring treks to the majestic mountains of the Himalayas. Follow his adventures on Telluride Inside…and Out, including links to his regular podcasts. If you have missed any of Ben's posts, just type "Ben Clark" into Lijit Search to find them all.

Benbioshotlr-254x300 "Buffalo Soldier, Bryan Adams and Mera La pass…What do they have in common? The cell phone of one of our porters, Nema. He swears that the Bryan Adams song (one I regretfully learned with all other 7th graders when the Kevin Costner Robin Hood film came out) was loaded on his cell phone when he got it. Priceless and yeah…busted, in the dizzying heights of 17,600' Mera La pass we sung it with him while his phone rang That was after Buffalo Soldier. The world loves Marley.

"We are now settled on a beach, sands blowing against our tent and sun shining overhead. The backdrop is not exactly coconuts and grass skirts, but five star nonetheless…Everest, Lhotse and Baruntse stand vigil over our site erupting early season plumes like an unbridled mare. This was definitely the most enchanting and rewarding day of this year's trek into the mountains for our climbing and skiing expedition. We have two and a half hours left before we will build a semi-permanent site at the base of 23,390' Baruntse and begin our ascent to become the first climbers to ski Baruntse's white frigid flanks.

"This is our second attempt at this mountain. Episode 11 of our podcast series covers the context of why we have returned with one less team member and half a goal in hand. This Sunday, the most compelling data we can offer about our experience posts on the podcast page as well. If you fear and loath technology and online video then, well, for the meantime, the present day emotions and sentiment in the tent is overwhelming joy. Seeing Baruntse and our ski descent this year, watching the weather creep up valley as we expected, and having Jon Miller healthy and prepared has fulfilled my wildest expectations.

"Watch those podcasts and find out why or keep reading our dispatches…This mountain is not well known, but holds adventure for those who look into it."

Live the Dream,

Ben Clark

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