Telluride Feeling the Love

Telluride Feeling the Love

Here at Telluride Inside… and Out, one of our primary goals is to show off the twin jewels of Telluride and Mountain Village at their sparkling finest. If you ever ask anyone outside the region about Telluride, though, you're probably used to hearing "Tellu-what?" as often as you hear, "I totally love Telluride!" – with a smattering of, "Telluride – they ski there, right? Somewhere in Colorado?" thrown in for good measure. 

Knowing that striking the right balance between being a "best-kept secret" and bringing in tourists who occasionally fall so much in love with the place that they just have to live here (at least part of the year) is part of what keeps Telluride thriving, I love when I run across outside coverage of my favorite microcosm (in the fullest sense of the term). 

Two different people shared clippings about Telluride with me recently – one from Sunset Magazine, and one from New York Times featuring a review of Capella, one of TIO's most recent sponsors to come on board. That got me curious – who else has become enamored of Telluride lately? 

For starters, NYT also did a Weekend in Telluride story not so very long ago and not too surprisingly, Denver Magazine made a point of covering some Telluride restaurants about the same time. But fascination with our little corner of the Rockies apparently extends way beyond that, as evidenced by a Houston Chronicle piece picked up by the Miami Herald that was so glowing, you wouldn't even need to step outside for a sunburn. 

Toss in a nice little CNN story oriented toward families thinking of a ski getaway, a piece in the Calgary Herald picked up by the Vancouver Sun even as that fine city was still enjoying the afterglow of their Winter Olympics, and a fun article in The Guardian about Gay Ski Week and what you have is a truly national and international spotlight on Telluride.

And that's just a sampling of some of the coverage we've seen since the first of the year… and just about skiing. Now that we're transitioning out of ski season and into the summer festival season, I can hardly wait to see what attention Telluride gets then with the likes of MountainFilm and Telluride Bluegrass coming up.

As always, if you want a truly insider's look at what it's like to be here, live here, and have a pulse on what's going on in and around Telluride, you definitely want to keep up with Telluride Inside… and Out. We recommend subscribing (click on the Subscribe tab at the top, or pick up one of the RSS feed links along the right side) to get your daily dose of TIO but remember that here on the website is where you get to rate stories and participate in community discussions. That's how you can help share the Telluride love too! 

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