KOTO’s end of ski season street dance in Telluride

KOTO’s end of ski season street dance in Telluride

KOTO is Telluride's radio link to the world, a non-underwritten, community-supported, commercial-free station, nurtured and embraced by the Telluride community. In addition, KOTO sponsors community events year 'round. Friday, April 2, KOTO put on its annual end-of-ski season street dance on Colorado Avenue, with the bandstand next to the San Miguel County courthouse.

The day didn't begin auspiciously- the wind was howling and the heavy snow was blowing horizontally. It didn't look good. But by early afternoon the clouds broke, the wind settled, and by showtime, it was a delightful time to dance, listen, enjoy the company of friends and strangers, let the kids run. In short it was a great community event.

Ralph Dinosaur and the Fabulous Volcanos, a perennial Telluride favorite, was the headline band, and Ralph graciously sat in on the opening set with the 525 Band, Telluride's own all-women rock 'n roll group who opened the show.

It being Telluride, there were cross dressing, lots of pink, lots of pink flamingos, lots of celebration of a great ski season, lots of folks wondering how another ski season slipped by so quickly…

Thanks KOTO for hosting another wonderful party, and thanks Telluride for being your beautiful, wacky self.

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