Trunk show at Telluride’s Lustre Gallery

Trunk show at Telluride’s Lustre Gallery

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CO-40 The bling at Telluride’s Lustre Gallery, 171 South Pine, is as extravagantly fabulous as a Nebuchadnezzar of champagne.

Founded in 1839, the House of Masriera became synonymous with Art Noveau jewelry in Spain, ultimately sharing a podium with Lalique glass and Gaudi’s over the top architecture. Lluís Masriera (1872-1958), son of jewelers and painters, pioneered several innovations in his field, including the technique known as “Barcelona Enamel”, a translucent enamel possessing brilliant luminosity and remarkable definition. Fortunately for jewelry collectors today, Masriera saved every mold used in his design process. Each contemporary Masriera is made from these original molds, and so they are not considered reproductions, but originals.

AN-147LR These rejuvenated originals  are based on a repertoire of over 3500 designs, largely riffs on the natural world, rendered in pendants, bracelets, chokers, pins, earring, rings and more. Every Masriera comes with a certificate of guarantee.

For further information, call 970-728-3355.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to Masriera rep Sally Lake’s podcast.
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