Telluride’s TNCC seminar: “Selling Energy Star,” Selling Confidence”

Telluride’s TNCC seminar: “Selling Energy Star,” Selling Confidence”

TNCC_logo Telluride's The New Community Coalition , in partnership with the Governor's Energy Office, brings Todd Gamboa to town to present "Selling Energy Star, Selling Confidence," a seminar that targets realtors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, designers, architects builders, and other home sales professionals. The event takes place in the Program Room of the Wilkinson Public Library, 100 W. Pacific Ave, Thursday, March 4, 8 a.m. – noon.

During this course, a fast-paced four hours of interactive Powerpoint presentation, lecture, Q&A, and exam, attendees are exposed to the following topics:

1. Understanding “Building Science," and “A House is a System” technology.

2. Foundation & Wall Assemblies, Weatherization (Building Envelopes), Windows, HVAC Systems, and Insulation Systems (Thermal Envelope).

3. Understanding Indoor Air Quality, Durability, and Comfort.

4. Understanding Energy Star : The Brand, The Products, The Home.

5. Recognizing the performance difference between “New Construction” and Re-Sale Homes.

6. Market Trends, Energy & Green Programs, Incentives, and Rebates.

7. Energy, Environment, and Economy – Understanding energy consumption and the impacts on our economy.

8. Differentiate yourself by demonstrating and selling the benefits of Energy Star New Homes.

 "Selling Energy Star, Selling Confidence," is approved by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency’s Real Estate Commission for four hours of Continuing Education Units for realtors. It also satisfies the guidelines for training/education outlined by the Governors Energy Office for the matching grants program regarding Energy Star New Homes.

Todd Gamboa, Program Manager for Residential Science Resources, is considered to be an industry expert and champion in the field of “green” and energy efficient homebuilding. As a builder himself of 25 years, Gamboa has held upper management positions in public, private, and custom home-building organizations, overseeing the construction of thousands of homes across Colorado. As a consultant and public speaker, he has has worked with industry organizations, including Built Green Colorado, Governors Energy Office, Energy Efficiency Businesses Coalition, ENERGY STAR, CAHB, NAHB, International Code Council, Colorado Association of Realtors, NAR, Environments for Living, and Xcel Energy.

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